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Trending Now: Succulents!

Succulent – understated, enduring and timeless love.

As you may have noticed, succulents have made a major revival on the plant scene over the last few years. My personal favourites feature in everything from wedding flowers to styled shoot photography and interior design.

Succulents provide a unique touch to any bridal bouquet, buttonholes and potted terrarium table centres. The nature of the design for most succulent plants lends itself perfectly to not only being wired and nestled into country garden style bouquets, but also as a prominent and bold feature in more modern and contemporary floristry designs.

Their low maintenance nature is perfect for adding a green touch to your home and office space and worth every penny for longevity. To get the most out of your potted succulents here are a few helpful hints and tips -

Tip One - Succulent plants are very easy to care for, and because they are drought tolerant, they can survive (not flourish!) for several weeks at a time without water.

Tip Two - Place your planted arrangement in an area well lit with natural light, such as on a windowsill. Avoid intense direct sunlight, until the plant or plants have become acclimatised to its new environment.

Tip Three - Water when soil is dry to touch, which is approximately every two weeks. Water less frequently during winter months, as this is the natural dormancy period of many plants.

Tip Four - Fertilise with a half-strength general fertiliser once a month, if desired.

Tip Five - Remember they grow!!! Your tight set design planter will change slightly over time, even though succulents are slow growers they will eventually out grow their current pot and will need a little basic maintenance. Therefore, up keep on pruning and pulling off any 'dry leaves' which are nothing to worry about as they are apart of the natural cycle of the plant will encourage new growth on your healthy succulents.

How can you not love a succulent?! I hope the hints and tips have given you a helping hand in looking after your plants or helped you see succulents in a whole new light. Maybe you will even want to add them to your wedding flower designs!

If you would like any further tips or would like to share creative ideas you have seen or created please feel free to get in contact -

For more images like above check out my Instagram page - @peppermintandpeony

Toodle - Pip!

Peppermint & Peony

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