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When The Decs Come Down...

When all the presents have been opened and all the mice pies have been eaten, you're left with screwed up bits of wrapping paper and some browning sprouts at the bottom of the fridge.

We all need a good reboot and refresh at this time of year but it can be hard to get motivated and think of new ideas. So it's time to brush off those Christmas cobwebs and discover some new and simple ideas, to clear your mind, your home and to prepare for the new year ahead!

First thing's first, de-clutter your home. Box up all those sparkly decs and have a good old blitz! This gives us a fresh blank slate for the new year. With a gathering of greenery and a scattering of spring bulbs, fresh new planters and a new candle, you can easily brush away the tinsel and introduce a fresh, optimistic feel to your home.

One of the most eye-catching and cost effective ways of introducing freshness and life into your home, is by choosing a beautiful foliage and arranging it on mass. Eucalyptus Cinerea is a definite favourite for this task as it is a beautiful blue and has an amazing scent - exactly what a newly clear home needs! It has a simple and elegant look and is much cheaper than a bunch of roses or tulips, whilst making an even bigger statement.

Choose your favourite vase, fill it with as many stems as you can get your hands on and it will be an instant sensation for your senses. If you are of more traditional taste, or are just looking for some more texture don't be afraid to add in pussy willow or contorted willow for a rustic and elegant looking arrangement.

With regards to colours, blues, greys, purples and whites help pick up the natural tones of the eucalyptus and create a stunning winter design.

We all have an area in our homes that is too small for a vase full of flowers but needs something to bring the space alive. At this time of year, Hellebores are looking their absolute best and I cannot think of another indoor plant that would look more beautiful, in this frosty time of year. To save money, your existing hellebores can be brought in from your garden and re-potted up.

Look for species with good flower shapes and interesting leaves, whilst remembering the importance of the pot. Choose a pot that works well but doesn't distract too much from the plant itself. Hellebores, like most flowers, look stunning in mass. Treat them like a line of azalea along a mantelpiece or a large bowl of orchids on a central table. They will provide long term impact, which can also be planted in the garden for next years flowering.

My last suggestion, before you roll up your sleeves and get stuck in is the one, the only... The Spring bulb! Nothing looks fresher, brings more scent or has such a huge variety as the spring bulb. They are not only cost effective but you can plant them in the garden for flowers year after year. Once planted, you can enjoy watching them grow with minimum maintenance, apart from the odd splash of water every now and again. Not only are they enjoyable for children but it is so exciting for you to see the leaves and flowers emerge, as you await the gorgeous scents.

As ever, less is more! Even a single hyacinth bulb can change a room. You can also mix and match same colour bulbs, for example, all blue hyacinths and muscari can have a beautiful impact. Alternatively, mix colours with the same bulbs, or add in small candles and a bright primula for a really spring filled look. The varieties are endless, tulips, tete a tete, muscari, hyacinth, bridal crown, crocus and snowdrops to name a few!

Don't forget, once they have gone over, leave the bulbs with all the greenery to die down. This will ensure healthy bulbs for next year. My personal favourite are the bridal crowns, in mass on the middle of the table. They look absolutely stunning and fill your home with beautiful scents of spring.

So, there you have it! My ideas to help clear your home for a relaxed and stress free floral January!

Keep your eyes peeled for news of my upcoming spring workshops and send an e-mail to (or click here) to be the first to know!

As always,

Good luck and Toodle-Pip!

Peppermint & Peony.

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