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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus.

Even though I live by them all year round, tone, texture and foliage are my three key essentials for autumn floristry. Seasonal favourites such as Hydrangeas, Oak leaves, Pumpkins and Gourds also add that autumnal feel and help create stunning visual displays, perfect for any occasion.

Tone: “To harmonize with another, in terms of colour.”

In the autumnal months, where we notice leaves turning red and hedgerows are full of berries, there is no better time to embrace the best of British. With gold leaves and berries such as Rosehips, natural flowing designs with an endless selection of colour combinations can be created.

For me, the transformation from summer into autumn is the gentle change of hues, not just with the leaves on the trees but also with British garden flowers, such as the Dahlia and my personal favourite, the Hydrangea.

An autumnal colour pallet is always one of the most creative, as soft pinks can team up with stronger burgundy’s and subtle lilacs can compliment bolder oranges. If ever in doubt, I say follow nature’s way with tone and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. You never know, you might just create an unexpected masterpiece!

Is there ever a wrong move to be had in autumn?

Texture: “The surface feel and appearance of the plant material.”

As if the colour pallet of autumn is not enough, textures bring their own unique visual for this season and by applying a mixture of textured forms, with everything from spiked conker shells to bumpy gourds, further interest is created in floral design.

Some of my personal autumnal textures:

Shiny – Hypericum

Matte – Cotinus

Pointed - Eryngium

Hedera berries are another personal favourite and can be found in many of my autumnal wedding and event centerpieces.

Foliage: “A complimenting collection of leaves, stems and branches.”

Seasonal returns such as Skimmia and Oak leaves create a strong foundation to any design piece and with flowering additions such as Eucalyptus, Bluperum and Fountain Grass; you have all the materials needed for an autumnal homemade vase.

As autumn is the greatest season of change, why not add the odd crab apple or twig of lichen for a longer lasting display.

If you start with a strong foundation and have a good selection of foliage, your design will already be off to a winning start.

There is plenty going on at Peppermint & Peony as we look forward to harvesting our pumpkin patch and creating stunning seasonal displays for our autumnal brides.

Calling All Future Brides! – Keep a special eye out for the last week of October as we celebrate our first Halloween – and who knows, there may just be a special treat in store…

It may be too early to mention the ‘C’ word but for this occasion it’s necessary! – News of our FIRST EVER Christmas Wreath Workshop is coming very, very soon!

But whilst the winter woolies are still packed away…


Peppermint & Peony.

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